Arlington Street Church, Unitarian Universalist. Gathered in Love and Service for Justice and Peace. 351 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

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Arlington Street Church Brochures

Did you see a brochure last time you visited or want to browse them from afar? Well, now you can download the brochures available in our sanctuary from the comfort of your own home. We hope you find them a helpful addition to the content on this site! Click on the image of the brochure, in the right column, to download a copy in PDF format. There are text labels on each linked brochure, to aid the visually impaired.

Our Faith

The Inside Scoop on Unitarian Universalism

This brochure discusses the historical roots of our modern Unitarian Universalist faith. It also highlights the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Unversalist Association of which ASC is a member congregation.

Our History

Tracing our Congregation from 1729 to Today

From November 15th, 1729 when Scots-Irish Calvinists first held services on Long Lane through to our current building and progressive religious community, this brochure shares a glimpse of ASC’s right history. The publication includes information about William Ellery Channing (one of our most famous leaders), our current building (the first public building in Boston’s history Back Bay), and the roots of our modern, Unitarian Universalist faith.


Joining Our Historic and Progressive Community

A resource to those considering membership in our community, this brochure outlines various aspects of joining and membership. The New Member class is discussed, other steps toward joining are listed, and the Purposes and Principles of Unitatian Universalism are included for reference.

Children’s Religious Education

Download this brochure to learn all about our programming for children. This brochure includes answers to frequently asked questions and the principles and purposes of Unitarian Universalist. For more information, you can also speak with our religious educator.

Our Windows

A Guide to the Historic Collection of Tiffany Windows

Thought by some to be the largest single collection of Tiffany stained-glass in the world, this brochure walks you through the history of the collection at Arlington Street Church. There is also discussion of the various novel techniques Tiffany used to create these priceless works of art.



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